MyLab+ supplies quality solutions to the hospital, research, educational, and industry sector. From process start-up to delivery of ready equipment, we create future-proof laboratories in cooperation with contractors, architects, and engineers.

Our experience in laboratory design consultants enables us to successfully collaborate with the Project Architect and to work together as a cohesive team throughout the duration of the design and construction processes. Our principal architect who are familiar with design and construction process are team players who recognize both the importance of laboratory building design and client goal of a total integrated project.

Laboratory Equipment

We supply safety related equipment such as fume hood, chemical storage cabinet, biosafety cabinet. We supply internationally and locally certified equipment

Laboratory Fit-Out

We supply laboratory fit-out such as laboratory furniture, fittings, laboratory cable management system and storage cabinet.

Laboratory Engineering

We provide laboratory engineering services such as laboratory renovation and ducting works.


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mylab+ |Lab Furniture Supplier in Malaysia

The technology your lab utilizes to perform tests and studies may have a big influence on your facility’s continuing performance. As a result, it makes sense to purchase the best available equipment. When you’re on a budget, though, you might be compelled to get the cheapest equipment you can locate. We at MyLab+ offer durable laboratory furniture in Malaysia that raises the safety standards and offers maximum protection such as the best safety cabinets in Malaysia.

Optimal Product Quality & Accurate Results

One of the most apparent reasons to invest in high-quality laboratory equipment is that it will aid in the production of high-quality products and precise test results. When you use low-quality equipment, on the other hand, the chances of errors occurring increase. Invest in high-quality equipment to reduce discrepancies and contaminants. Imagine losing valuable test results because you purchased low-quality chemical storage cabinets in Malaysia. Make the right choice today and purchase quality cabinets such as ppe cabinets in Malaysia from MyLab+.

Quality Improves Work Efficiency

When it comes to creating a laboratory environment, having high-quality lab furniture and fume hoods is essential. In your quest to attain this, your supplier must provide you with the lowest fume hood prices in Malaysia as well as affordable cabinets for laminar flow in Malaysia. The laboratory must have high-quality furniture in order for personnel to be comfortable and productive. Projects will not be finished on time if the lab’s furnishings aren’t up to par, and the lab’s day-to-day operations may suffer as a result. Discovering more about the right procedure for securing laboratory furniture such as fume hoods in Malaysia and cabinets ensures that your lab is ready to go. Why don’t you purchase quality equipment and save yourself in the long run? Buy stainless steel laboratory furniture in Malaysia from MyLab+

Bridging The Safety Gaps With Strong Biosafety Cabinets

A recirculating Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet is completely suited if chemical safety is not a problem for your microbiological procedures; however, if chemical protection is a priority, you should use a ventilated Class II BSC. In most cases, the Class II, Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet provides the best balance of safety and flexibility, making it an excellent choice. If you want a durable biosafety cabinet in Malaysia, look at our choices below!

Adjustable Lab Bench Systems

A flexible joinery system makes lab life much easier, especially in industries and professions such as pathology laboratories, where things like new equipment and technological upgrades are continuously altering as time goes on. You may believe that you are obtaining a product with operational and financial trade-offs since you are picking the less expensive choice. MyLab+ is a reputable lab bench supplier in Malaysia that offers durable, cleanable, and entirely changeable laboratory benches. Rather than compromising on stability, durability, or storage economy, MyLab+ actually improves these. Browse our site and purchase long-lasting, quality equipment such as fume hoods, laminar flow cabinets, and flammable storage cabinets in Malaysia.